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Our Innovation Blog is our honest and expert online journal of industry trends, insights, tips and advice for those passionate about mobility and digital design.


3 major changes in the last 3 decades that have most impacted the car design world.

Martin examines how Photoshop, post-2008 growth in design teams, and Social Media changed car design, urging a reevaluation of education and leadership for quality maintenance within the car design world.

Cover - Beijing Autoshow 2024

Review Beijing Show 2024

Returning to China after five years, the Beijing Auto Show in 2024 offered a nostalgic glimpse into the past amidst the country's rapid technological advancement. From WeChat Pay accessibility to the traditional chaos of massive stands, the experience was a blend of old-school charm and modern innovation.

Cover - P&P Turin

Pistons & Pretzels - Turin

Bella Italia - Pistons & Pretzels in Turin!

Check out more pictures from the event here.

Designers Choice Awards.png

The winners of the Designers' Choice Awards 2024

Celebrating Automotive Design Excellence

Discover the voices that are shaping the future of automotive design. Watch exclusive interviews with this year's Designers' Choice Award winners. Design leaders and brand representatives share their insights and inspirations.

mobility spaces - 18

Mobility Spaces 2024 - Los Angeles

Exploring the future of mobility: A round-up of MOBILITY SPACES vol. 1

From AI to gaming, mixed reality and beyond. Check out the pictures from the event here.

IAA Mobility Design Conference 2023 - 38

Breaking Gender Stereotypes in Automotive Design

In a world where the appeal of a car lies in its dynamic blend of seduction and assertiveness, why should the professional world be any different? Read more about the parallels between the allure of a performance car and the charisma of women in leadership - By Claudia Braun, Project Lead at Konzepthaus

Cover - P&P USA

Pistons & Pretzels - California

Breaking new ground - Pistons & Pretzels in California!

Check out more pictures from the event here.

Japan Mobility Show - Titel

Review Japan Mobility Show 2023

The Tokyo Motor Show, a personal highlight for our CEO Martin Groschwald for its blend of Japanese creativity and vibrant city setting. The show recently made a comeback after a 4-year hiatus as the Japan Mobility Show (JMS). Read Martin's insights from the event.

Blog - 2023 Recruitment Strategy

2023 recruitment strategies you may not have thought of

Elevate your hiring game and leave a lasting impression on candidates. Discover the power of video content, adapting to changing generational expectations, and the significance of maintaining a consistent brand identity throughout the recruitment process.

Cover_Design Project Management

Konzepthaus introduces new service: Design Project Management

We take care of your automotive design projects, from full facelifts to concept cars, with comprehensive services for strategic planning and operational execution. 

Cover - UI/UX MUC October

UI/UX Designers Meet Up - Munich with UX&I

Our second UI/UX Designers Meet Up in Munich this year, was attended by more than 60 designers.