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Our Innovation Blog is our honest and expert online journal of industry trends, insights, tips and advice for those passionate about mobility and digital design.

mobility spaces - 18

Mobility Spaces 2024 - Los Angeles

Exploring the future of mobility: A round-up of MOBILITY SPACES vol. 1

From AI to gaming, mixed reality and beyond. Check out the pictures from the event here.

IAA Mobility Design Conference 2023 - 38

Breaking Gender Stereotypes in Automotive Design

In a world where the appeal of a car lies in its dynamic blend of seduction and assertiveness, why should the professional world be any different? Read more about the parallels between the allure of a performance car and the charisma of women in leadership - By Claudia Braun, Project Lead at Konzepthaus

Cover - P&P USA

Pistons & Pretzels - California

Breaking new ground - Pistons & Pretzels in California!

Check out more pictures from the event here.

Japan Mobility Show - Titel

Review Japan Mobility Show 2023

The Tokyo Motor Show, a personal highlight for our CEO Martin Groschwald for its blend of Japanese creativity and vibrant city setting. The show recently made a comeback after a 4-year hiatus as the Japan Mobility Show (JMS). Read Martin's insights from the event.

Blog - 2023 Recruitment Strategy

2023 recruitment strategies you may not have thought of

Elevate your hiring game and leave a lasting impression on candidates. Discover the power of video content, adapting to changing generational expectations, and the significance of maintaining a consistent brand identity throughout the recruitment process.

Cover_Design Project Management

Konzepthaus introduces new service: Design Project Management

We take care of your automotive design projects, from full facelifts to concept cars, with comprehensive services for strategic planning and operational execution. 

Cover - UI/UX MUC October

UI/UX Designers Meet Up - Munich with UX&I

Our second UI/UX Designers Meet Up in Munich this year, was attended by more than 60 designers.

P&P Munich 2023 - Cover Blog

Pistons & Pretzels - Munich

Our Pistons & Pretzels - Munich Edition!

Check out more pictures from the event here.

IAA Mobility Designers Night 2023 - 43

IAA Mobility Designers Night 2023

The perfect end to an extraordinary day!

Check out more pictures from the event here.

IAA Mobility Design Conference 2023 - 74

IAA Mobility Design Conference 2023

An event full of game-changing insights and revolutionary ideas!

Check out more pictures from the event here.

Understanding Design

How to hire (or not) … as a Mobility Design Leader and Manager

Hiring for Success in Mobility Design: A Guide for Leaders 

Effective leadership means finding the right people for the right roles.