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Our Innovation Blog is our honest and expert online journal of industry trends, insights, tips and advice for those passionate about mobility and digital design.

City scape

The mobility design studio of the future could include architects, city planners and more, to truly innovate mobility!

Over the past years, we have seen that the term ‘“experience’” has not only moved into all of our daily business vocabularies but has also become part of our professional teams. User Experience Designers or Service Designers are relatively new positions that have become a staple in all creative departments all around the world.

Unity / Team

What Creative Design Departments can learn from professional sports teams

Ever since I was a little kid, I have drawn a great amount of inspiration from sports – team sports to be exact. What you learn when you play in a team, to find your role in a team, to understand leadership in a team and to succeed together was something that sports (in my case handball) have taught me and, I realized that only once I started working, had a profound impact on my career choices ...

Design Challenge

An open discussion: Should we stop supporting “Design Challenges” to protect the craft of Design?

Unless you have lived under a rock over the past 2 years or so, you have certainly come across one of the dozens of design challenges run by manufacturers, car magazines, social media influencers and various other outlets. 

Future Mobility Design

3 ideas on how mobility design might change in the next 10 years

Predicting the future is certainly something that is impossible to do (even if you own a DeLorean). Especially in these times at the moment that are led by digitalization, electrification and autonomy, it has become even more challenging to see where the future will lead us.


The Art of Promotion in Car Design

When you have been working in the car design industry for example as a designer or modeller for a few years you start to think about one question more and more : Where do I want my career to move towards?

Holistic Design

Transportation Design becomes Holistic Mobility Design

This article was originally featured in Car Design Review 6