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Design Executive Search

Design Executive Search

Hiring Design leaders within the automotive and transportation design is unlike any other hiring process. Design Leadership is not only about creativity but understanding what a special role this discipline takes up within a company.

No matter if you are hiring for a Chief Design Officer, Vice President of Design, Head of Design or Design Director, the time of hiring a “name” is over.

Industry Expertise

Unparalleled industry knowledge.

Recognised as the globally leading knowledge partner within Automotive and Transportation Design, our background information and insights on the industry is unparalleled and unrivalled. We help you to find the right leader for your ambitions and help you make the best decision based on our knowledge combined with your vision. Not everyone fits into every environment. With our expertise, you won’t make a decision that you might regret.

Design Executive Search - Network

A one-of-a-kind global network.

Our home is the automotive and transportation design community; we are deeply embedded into it. With our niche knowledge, we know the industry and people inside-out.  Our unequalled global network allows you to find the perfect match for your search without falling into the trap of just hiring a fancy name.

Pistons & Pretzels Bicester

A true partnership – discrete, honest, transparent, trusted, and successful.

We understand that hiring for the highest design levels requires maximum discretion. That’s why we can’t openly talk about the searches we have been involved in. What we can tell you is that the most successful ones have had three main pillars: honesty in communication; transparency in information; and trust in the collaboration and knowledge we bring.

Understanding Design

Educate and understanding about Design.

Throughout the hiring process, you will get to know much more about Design than you have ever thought you would. Hiring a Design Leader with Konzepthaus is an experience that will help you understand this unique world of design and creativity in the best way possible. It will support you in making better decisions with your future leader and to understand how a design department works. It will simply lead to better decision making for the CEO and the Design leaders.

Working with Konzepthaus to find your next Design leader.

Contact Martin Groschwald if you are looking for an executive design leader such a Chief Design Officer, VP Design, Head of Design or Design Director within the automotive space.

If you are already in a process and you need expert insights and knowledge on your current process, do not hesitate to ask us. We are happy to consult on your current process and help you make the best decisions based on our unique industry knowledge and insights.

We are always open to having an informal conversation. You might not be looking for a new design leader, but rather have a thought you want to share or maybe just want to see what might be happening in the market.

We build creative teams is our way of working. And to build the best teams, it is essential to collaborate and share our knowledge.

We cannot wait to take your Design Department and leadership onto the next level.

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