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Design Project Management

We take care of your projects

Our focus lies in automotive design projects that take the most time out of your schedule. We manage full facelifts, derivatives and have the capability to manage show cars and concept cars. This includes the strategic planning and operational execution of each project - on-site, fully outsourced or hybrid.

Our Approach

Welcome to a new era in design project delivery. Konzepthaus offers a revolutionary approach to the outsourcing of complete automotive design projects. We specialise in facilitating automotive design projects, combining project management expertise with efficient design practices to meet the ultimate needs of OEMs.

We customise and execute projects to meet the specific needs of our partners while maintaining full creative control. With our extensive global network, we bring together top talent and resources from a variety of automotive design disciplines. Our commitment is to deliver your projects with the highest quality, on time and within budget.

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DPM Case Study - Chinese Manufacturer

DPM for a luxury chinese car manufacturer

Scope: Design Exterior, Design Interior, Colour Trim development
12 months, 38 people in the peak on the project, 4 C-Level presentation

  • Chinese market analysis and customer clinics

  • Design 

  • Digital surfacing and physical modelling 

  • Visualisation

  • Class-A data

  • Design project management

DPM Case Study - European Manufacturer Performance

DPM for a european performance car manufacturer

Scope: Re-design of the full vehicle  and HMI concept
10 months, Bi-monthly C-Level iteration meeting, DPM led to a more efficient HMI process on the client side

  • Market analysis and customer clinics

  • Visual direction

  • Driver modes and animations

  • Keyframes

  • Asset creation

  • Cross-check with physical seat buck

DPM Case Study - European Manufacturer Commercial

DPM for a european commercial vehicle manufacturer

Scope: Strategic facelift for Exterior, Interior, Colour Trim and UX/UI to enter a new market from Sketch to Class-A
23 months, 9 C-Level presentations, 51 people in the peak on the project

  • Market analysis, benchmarking and customer clinics

  • Design for geometry and digital

  • Digital surfacing and physical modelling 

  • Visualisation

  • Class-A data

  • Design project management

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