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Breaking Gender Stereotypes in Automotive Design

IAA Mobility Design Conference 2023 - 38

A car can be both seductive and assertive at the same time - dynamic, invigorating and fast. Its aesthetics and intelligence contribute to its overall charm. Even if it lacks perfection or falls into the category of a classic car, its appeal remains undeniable. Minor imperfections are insignificant in the face of its overall appeal.

Now let's extend the same principle to our professional environment, particularly where female colleagues and women in leadership roles are concerned. Why should it be a challenge to rid ourselves of prejudices against a charismatic and intelligent woman in a managerial position? The notion that a formidable presence and femininity are incompatible persists for some, which begs the question of why such perceptions persist.

Let's consider that many people, regardless of gender, do not always fit the stereotypes. Women in business no longer feel compelled to conform to pre-defined roles. What women really need in the workplace are confident colleagues who appreciate the presence of a skilled and ambitious woman in a leadership role.

Perhaps, at times, women can benefit from encouragement, similar to the support often given in the automotive world or among male colleagues. Just as women can push their male counterparts to excel, reciprocal support is equally valuable. In this evolving landscape, working together may prove more beneficial than working alone. As we move into a new era, with a generation reshaping priorities, the meaning of gender is becoming increasingly fluid. As we reflect on this, we may find ourselves contemplating angelic ideals.

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