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Konzepthaus Podcasts


Listen to live reviews from the show floors of the world’s biggest auto shows, and learn about the design philosophies and career paths of the industry’s top designers and engineers. Our special guests include industry leaders from the world’s largest manufacturers and mobility design pioneers.


EP 36: Special Episode 8 - Defining Experience with Christian Eckert

Christian Eckert, Chief Experience Officer at Iconmobile joins Martin on our 8th special episode to talk about the automotive experience. Christian gives us a deep insight on what combining and leading experience mean already today, the impact the new mobility has on this experience and where the future of mobility might look like.


EP 35: Piano Black

Eric and Martin return with a not so brief review of the India Auto Expo and more exciting topics. Join us on our 18th episode for the latest unveiled concept and production cars, a massive rant about piano black wheel arches and some very exciting announcements.


EP 34: Car Dreams

The new year brings us new auto shows and newly unveiled cars. Martin and Eric return after a well-earned winter break just to find that the car industry had no break at all. While they spent time under Christmas trees the industry has been busy and unveiled a lot of new cars. Tune in now and find out what Eric and Martin think about newly unveiled cars like the Gordon Murray T50, the TOGG by Pininfarina, the Sony Concept, The Mercedes Avatar, and the Fiskar Ocean.


EP 33: The Konzepthaus Design Awards 2019

We are happy to welcome our audience to one of the most important design awards in the industry. Our hosts Martin Groschwald and Eric Gallina lead present us the best concept and production cars they have seen on this year's auto shows in the following categories.

Production Car Design of the Year
Concept Car Design of the Year
Design Team of the Year
Best Exterior of the Year
Best Interior of the Year
Best UX of the Year
Best CMF of the Year
Most disappointing production car design of the year
Most disappointing concept car design of the year

Amongst the nominees are world-renowned brands like Aston Maritn Lagonda, Citroen, Fiat, Ford, Genesis, Kia, Peugeot, Porsche, Toyota and also newcomers who have shaken up the industry in the past year.


EP 32: Specializing in the Making of Things with Oliver Seil

In our 7th special episode, Martin invited Belkin Internationals VP of Design Oliver Seil to find out how the Belkin design team is able to put out so many products and how the product design process compares to the auto industry.


EP 31: The Digital Dangerzone

We are back in with our 16th regular episode to continue where we left off after the LA Auto Show 2019. Join our Hosts Eric Gallina and Martin Groschwald in their discussion on the unveiled cars at the Guangzhou auto show, the Lamborghini „Lambo V12 Vision Gran Turismo“ and find out what they think about the Tesla Cybertruck.


EP 30: Review - The LA Auto Show 2019

We return to the LA Auto Show with our host Martin. Join him and Eric on this review episode of GESTALTEN, where they give us an insight into the unveiled cars, unfolding design trends and find out if this year's LA Auto Show was worth the trip and how our hosts see the future of the show.


EP 29: Analytical Creativity with Sam Livingstone

In our sixth special episode, Martin invited Sam Livingstone from Car Design Research to talk about the recent observed development in car design and what this means for transportation and mobility and even the concept of the car as we know it.


EP 28: Review -The Tokyo Motor Show 2019

As the Tokyo Motor Show comes to a close our Hosts Martin and Eric come together to give us the first purely digital walkaround on a motor show. Our hosts talk about the newly presented concepts, the latest production cars and the impression they got from the show.


EP 27: Revolution E

One Month has passed since the IAA and Eric and Martin return to talk about the recent changes in staff and the development of EV Manufacturers and the future of the automotive industry.


EP 26: Review - The IAA 2019

The automobile industry is changing and Eric and Martin return to the IAA 2019 to a Frankfurt Motor Show that has decreased in numbers of exhibiting manufacturers but certainly not in size. Tune in now to get the full review of the show, the winners and losers of the show.


EP 25: The Future of Car Design with Chris Bangle

Martin invited Chris Bangle to talk about his thoughts on the change of the relationships people had with their cars, where the industry stands and what the next big thing might be that could transform the car design industry.