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Our Innovation Blog is our honest and expert online journal of industry trends, insights, tips and advice for those passionate about mobility and digital design.


3 major changes in the last 3 decades that have most impacted the car design world.

Martin examines how Photoshop, post-2008 growth in design teams, and Social Media changed car design, urging a reevaluation of education and leadership for quality maintenance within the car design world.

Blog - 2023 Recruitment Strategy

2023 recruitment strategies you may not have thought of

Elevate your hiring game and leave a lasting impression on candidates. Discover the power of video content, adapting to changing generational expectations, and the significance of maintaining a consistent brand identity throughout the recruitment process.

Understanding Design

How to hire (or not) … as a Mobility Design Leader and Manager

Hiring for Success in Mobility Design: A Guide for Leaders 

Effective leadership means finding the right people for the right roles.

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We build creative teams

It is our purpose, our "why" and our foundation. Our knowledge, understanding and network within the mobility and digital design world are unique, however, our partners describe us in three little points:
You make us better.

Top 7 Skills

The Top 7 Skills Every Car Designer Needs!

There are thousands of car designers out there, but what skills do you need to become successful in your craft as a car designer?

Business Value

What Is The Business Value Of Design?

The value of design, when utilised properly inside an organisation, is absolutely monumental. But how do you measure it?

Design University

The World's Best Automotive Design Schools & Colleges

Every beginner whose goal it is to make it as an automotive, mobility, or transportation designer will have to ask themselves at which university they should study. That's where this list comes in!

Transportation Design

How To Become An Automotive Designer In 2022

Becoming an automotive designer has greatly changed over the last couple of years. What steps do you need to make and which path do you need to choose to be successful in this great and challenging industry?


3 ways AR & VR are changing User Experience

AR & VR has changed user perspective substantially.


Designing For Accessibility Is Not That Hard!

Accessibility enables people with disabilities to understand, perceive, contribute to, interact with, and navigate the web.

User Research

Why Many Companies Don't Conduct User Research

Awareness of user research is growing and there are many people involved in creating software, digital products or websites who are still largely unaware.

Work Situation

What do we expect from design schools and universities?

I was recently invited to join a panel during the Munich Creative Business Week named “(Re)Thinking Design”. The topic, to discuss the changing role of designers in today’s business world.