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Welcome Claudia Braun

Author: Martin Groschwald
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We are thrilled to announce the addition of Claudia Braun to our team at Konzepthaus as Project Leader, starting from July 3rd. Claudia brings with her a wealth of industry knowledge and experience in the strategic planning and implementation of consulting projects, with which she will be a perfect addition to our Consulting & Learning team in Munich.

Claudia Braun's professional journey began as a Designer at smart gmbh and Senior Designer of Color & Material at Porsche AG. Her passion and dedication to her craft led her to assume the Head of Color & Material Design role at Daimler AG. Recognising her exceptional skills and accomplishments, Claudia then advanced to the position of Vice President of Color & Material Design at Volvo Cars and Polestar and later served as the Head of Color & Material Design at Rivian.

As of 2022, Claudia was freelancing, using her diverse automotive and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) experience to offer specialized expertise (e.g., for Mercedes, and Polestar). During this period, we collaborated with Claudia on multiple occasions, witnessing her subject matter expertise and profound industry knowledge in Color and Material.

Speaking about her start with Konzepthaus, Claudia says:

“I´m very happy that Konzepthaus offers me the possibility to use my knowledge in the field of design for the customised consulting of our clients. The cooperation in the last year was very successful and I´m incredibly honored to become a permanent part of the Konzepthaus team.

Our CEO, Martin Groschwald, is thrilled to welcome her: 

"Claudia is an outstanding addition to our already unique Consulting team and strengthens our company's ambition to help Design departments to become the best possible environment to create outstanding vehicles and products. We are excited for her to start with us and push together for better design departments and a stronger community!"

Claudia's appointment aligns with our commitment to delivering exceptional consulting services and fostering a team of talented professionals. She will undoubtedly play a crucial role in driving the success of our Consulting & Learning team.

We warmly welcome Claudia Braun to Konzepthaus as our new Project Leader and are looking forward to an exciting journey together.