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Recruitment Intelligence

Recruitment Intelligence

Optimise your recruitment process. All with Konzepthaus.

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Recruitment Intelligence - Grafik

Our Approach

Our expertise in headhunting has allowed us to further extend our help in automotive design recruitment.

Konzepthaus has identified the main obstacles our clients face during their hiring process – and how we can be the main support function.

The main issues stakeholders face today are a lack of time managing applicants, unclear communication channels and process framework. Lastly, lack of brand communication and values throughout recruitment marketing and interview processes to attract candidates.

Let us help you:

  • Manage and coordinate your recruitment process from start to end through a customised and efficient framework.
  • Ensure a positive and strong candidate experience through an expert recruitment strategy.
  • Understand your brand value position and help your brand stand out to attract the right talent.

The best part? It is completely flexible and customised to your needs.

Talent Acquisition Outsourcing

Costumes to suit your needs:

1. Pre-Application Management

Candidate intake and portfolio assessment, shortlisting and in-depth pre-screening of candidates.

2. Interview Management

Liaison and coordinator between client and candidate for availability, bookings, feedback and updates.

3. Offer & Contract Communication

Liaison for contract and salary negotiations at final stage recruitment process

4. Onboarding Advisory & Training

Provide the most effective process and resources for the onboarding of the employee.

Talent Attraction Consultancy

Costumes to suit your needs:

1. Employer Value Proposition Analysis

Understand how your EVP competes in the marketplace, developing your EVP and how it connects to and highlights your brand’s identity while shaping a communication strategy that targets the talent you need. 

2. Job Description Content Creation

Creation and delivery of visual and written job advertisements that reflect your brand through online social platforms.


3. Position Salary Benchmarking

Find out where your brand sits in the job market and how it competes in position salary and package offer in the industry.

4. Interview Resources and Training

Workshop training for building candidate profiles and interview techniques, insight into interview structure, style, and communication that links to your brand identity.

Why our clients choose us...


Saving time for hiring managers


Improved candidate experience


Fast and efficient hiring process


Tailor-made flexible service options

ADD April 16

Case Study

Our client was facing recruitment challenges due to increased headcount requirements to be filled within 12 months. The most common occurrence was that hiring managers had difficulty committing time to the process and other responsibilities were compromised. This resulted in an unclear process for both the client and the candidate while slowing the operation.

After an initial consultation, Konzepthaus were able to pinpoint the catalyst for the main issues. In this case, improved internal processes and communication channels were strategized to effectively implement a bespoke framework suitable to the client's needs.

With our MSP service, our team effectively managed the recruitment process over a 12-month contract period:

1.     Application management
2.    Face-to-face pre-screening and shortlisting
3.    Interview coordination
4.    Feedback coordination and management
5.    Offer and contract negotiation

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