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Blender Complete Transition Masterclass
Software Training Blender Beginner

Blender Beginner







Course length

35 academic hours
Course Dates: TBD

Course hours

9am - 4pm
Break: 12pm - 1pm


Virtual / On location upon request

Blender’s popularity is skyrocketing! Hobbits and professional artists around the world embrace Blender because of its ability to support the entirety of the 3D pipeline. And following the massive 2020 upgrade introducing new UI features (version 2.8+), it’s now more popular than ever due to its accessibility and ease of use.

In this Blender masterclass, you will learn how to use the most important tools to create a modern Formula 1 car in its full complexity.

Our tutors, will show you all the tools required to equip you with the ability to create complex vehicles. Classes will focus on how to use the tools correctly, enhanced with practical exercises, personal reviews and working in tandem with other participants. Classes sizes are kept to a minimum to facilitate the best personal attention.

The course is developed for Designers and modellers using other 3D packages who want to shift to Blender fast.

After a strong intro to Blender, the course will focus on polymodeling techniques, applying different approaches to different parts of the car; like Hard surface, NURBS basic sculpting, Shrink-Wrap modifier and more

Course Structure

Kick Off

Course scope, Intro to Blender, User Interface navigation, Simple poly modelling techniques

Bevel, Loop-cut, Extrusion, Knife tool, Blueprint setup, Basic topology, Mirror and SubD modifiers, Merging vertices together

Poly Modelling Techniques


Mirror, SubD, Booleans, Pivot points, Arrays, Radial Symmetry, Rotation and scale, Origins and Empties, Parenting objects

Modelling Wrap-Up

Practice, practice and practice

Mesh paiting, Screws, Shut lines, Pipes, Solidify modifier, Detaching vertices, Separating and joining objects

Detailling & Materials

Model prep-up and Materials

UV mapping, Texturing, Basic shaders, Glowing emission lights, Glass transparency, Exporting materials, Multiple material shader, Other

Presenting Your Work

Detailing, Scene and Render with EEVEE

Worn rubber tire tread, Scale to bounds, Workflow with mirroring, Tileable carbon, Materials from external sources, Sxene Setup, AO, SS reflections, Volumetric fog, Lights, Cameras, Rendering settings, Depth of field, HDRi

Course Goals

In this generic beginner course, designer will have strong foundations in the following:

  • Comfortably working in Blender UI & 3D space
  • Sketch modelling
  • Automotive pipeline poly-modeling toolset (Basic)
  • Materials
  • Visualisation (EEVEE)

This course set the foundations for more advanced courses.



Basic knowledge in 3D
Blender 3.01+
Windows OS


64-bit quad core CPU
Full HD display
Three button mouse
Graphics card with 4 GB RAM


Relevant 3rd party plugins will be discussed, if needed, supporting a general know how and valued enhancements.


We will provied a cloud link to download all the necessary materials before the commencement of the course.

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