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Pistons & Pretzels - UK

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Pistons & Pretzels car design gathering is coming back to the UK!

Registration will open on May 14th!

We are pleased to invite you to our annual ‘UK’ Pistons & Pretzels car design gathering. A relaxed, fun and most importantly, non-work-related gathering, expressly set up for our car design community and their cars.

And what a fitting place! Bicester Heritage is the unrivalled destination for historic motoring and a global centre of excellence for automotive conservation, engineering, and development, located in Bicester.

The event is free for all registered participants. Every participant will receive a free meal as well as free drinks.

We want to stress that even though we at Konzepthaus organise this event, this will not be a recruitment or sponsored event. The event is merely a small “Thank you” from us to the entire community and an opportunity to bring all of us together to have a great time.

Date:                  16th June 2024
Time:                  11:00 - 16:00
Location:        Bicester Heritage, A4421, Launton, Bicester OX26 5HA

To enter, you must be part of the Car Design Community or a guest of a member.
Please understand that we will not be able to allow anybody to enter the event without registration. 

Moods from our past events…