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Pistons & Pretzels - Munich

Cover - P&P Munich

Pistons & Pretzels is back in its hometown - Munich!

We are pleased to invite you to our inaugural ‘UK’ Pistons & Pretzels car design gathering. A relaxed, fun and most importantly, non-work-related gathering, expressly set up for our car design community and their cars.

The event is free for all registered participants. Every participant will receive a free meal as well as free drinks.

Registration is mandatory to get access to the event. Places will fill up quickly, so we kindly ask you to register using the link below to secure your spot.

We want to stress that even though we at Konzepthaus organise this event, this will not be a recruitment or sponsored event. The event is merely a small “Thank you” from us to the entire community and an opportunity to bring all of us together to have a great time. 

  • Date:            10th Sep 2023
  • Time:             11:00 – 16:00
  • Location:       Konzepthaus Consulting GmbH | Osterwaldstraße 10 | Lodenfrey Park – Haus H | 80805 Munich 

To enter, you must be part of the Car Design Community or a guest of a member.
Please understand that we will not be able to allow anybody to enter the event without registration.

Registration will open on August 1st.

Moods from our past events…