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Pistons & Pretzels - Gothenburg

Cover - P&P Sweden 2024

Our Pistons & Pretzels car design gathering is back to Sweden!

We started the Pistons & Pretzels in 2019 in Munich to create a space for automotive, transportation and mobility designers to meet, chat, learn, find opportunities to collaborate and share their passion and ideas. Its popularity began to grow quite quickly on an international level. Ever since the first one, we have hosted the event in Frankfurt, the UK and now for the second time Gothenburg, Sweden.

We encourage all participants to show their toys (cars & motorcycles) or just join to have a look at the collection and meet friends and colleagues in an informal setting.

The event is free for all registered participants. Every participant will receive a free meal as well as free drinks.

We want to stress that even though we at Konzepthaus organise this event, this will not be a recruitment or sponsored event. The event is merely a small “Thank you” from us to the entire community and an opportunity to bring all of us together to have a great time.

This time, we are partnering up with the Polestar to create an unforgettable experience for you.

Date:                  7th July 2024
Time:                  11:00 - 16:00
Location:        Polestar HQ,  Assar Gabrielssons Väg 9, 418 78 Göteborg

Polestar began in Scandinavia. Since then, both the products and the brand have spread across the globe. Retail spaces, offices, production facilities, and a service network can be found in multiple countries. Proving that more sustainable electric performance is at home everywhere.

Design is the tool used to create products that bring about a cleaner, more sustainable future. That makes the desirable choice and the right choice the same. That solves problems and creates chang.e

Innovation is everywhere, from powertrains to user experience and everything in between. And it's all done as sustainably, and transparently, as possible.

We couldn't have asked for a better partner to organise this event with. Have a look at the beautiful venue Polestar is offering to host our event!

To enter, you must be part of the Car Design Community or a guest of a member.
Please understand that we will not be able to allow anybody to enter the event without registration. 

The Venue

Moods from our past P&P events…

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