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DEF 2024

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Welcome to our second annual Design Executive Forum.

It is our utmost pleasure to invite you this year again to join the who-is-who of the automotive and mobility design world at this illustrious knowledge and networking event in the heart of Munich.

Last year, the very first Design Executive Forum instantly became one of the most important event for all automotive and mobility design executive leaders and we have been very proud to assemble a world-class group of speakers to inspire you all.

In 2024, we have decided to host the DEF once again in Munich and are very much looking forward to welcoming you and of course an illustrious panel to inspire you.

This year’s DEF will put the focus on a profession that will to our belief have a very strong impact on the future of automotive design leadership: Producers from the music and film industry.

As an automotive design executive and leader, our personal and professional developments are coming from various directions. The role is ever-changing and with Generation Z and Alpha becoming more and more prominent in our daily lives, we will need to constantly adjust.

The complexity, flexibility, and leadership of a producer within the film or music industry can give us a peak into where the role of automotive design leadership might develop to and we are very excited to share our speakers with you very soon.

As in the previous edition, the Design Executive Forum creates a white space for mobility design executives to discuss their experiences and observations of the past months and to look together into the future.

To create the best possible platform for these discussions, three panels, talks and keynotes by leading industry figures within and outside the mobility design world will bring you a one-of-a-kind experience to be inspired to continue to create the best design teams in the world and improve your existing teams.

Date:                  27th Sep 2023
Time:                  10.30am - 5 pm // evening entertainment will be provided by Konzepthaus
Location:        Drivers & Business Club München

Registration is mandatory to get access to the event. Please fill out the form below to secure your spot.

As this is an invitation-only event, you cannot transfer your attendance. Photography, videography, and any other form of media recordings will be not allowed.

More information on the agenda and any further information will be shared with you via email soon.

The entire Konzepthaus team is looking forward to hosting and welcoming you to the Design Executive Forum 2024.

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