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UI/UX Designers Meet Up - Munich with UX&I

Author: Isabella Althoff
Cover - UI/UX MUC October

Over 60 passionate UI/UX professionals gathered to take part in our second annual UI/UX Designers Meet Up in Munich. This special occasion marked the event's first collaboration with UX&I, a partnership that brought together even more creative minds.

The meetup was held at the UX&I office, with a beautiful view over Munich's "Werksviertel", creating a unique backdrop for the gathering. The attendees took the opportunity to share their experiences, exchange invaluable insights, and revel in the sense of belonging that comes with being a part of the thriving UI/UX design community. It was an evening of connection, creativity and collaboration that left everyone looking forward to the next gathering.

The entire evening was packed with information in a total of 3 talks by Hertje BrodersenJuliane Steinberg and Hias Wrba on the topics of user-centred design, challenges of voice interfaces and well-being in design processes.

  1. Design Like You Mean It

    Designers often prioritise users, but our success is often measured by profit. To truly put people first, we need to adopt new guiding principles. Hertje explored with us biases, blind spots and potential solutions.
  2. Open Bot Surgery: How to revive a dead-end dialog

    We're familiar with voice-only interfaces like Alexa or phone bots. Sometimes they can be frustrating when they don't understand us despite clear instructions. Juliane showed us that voice interfaces are powerful, but they present unique challenges compared to graphical interfaces.
  3. UX for Well-being

    Hias discusses the impact of human-centred design on well-being and the importance of prioritising people in the design process. He explored user needs, drawing on positive psychology and questioning the appropriateness of 'design for wellbeing' in our current design processes.

Feel free to reach out to our speakers via LinkedIn to get access to the slides and more information on each topic.

Until then, enjoy some of the event pictures down below.