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UI/UX Designers Meet Up - Munich

Author: Mehrdad Haghighi
Cover - UI/UX Designers Meet Up Munich

More than 90 UI/UX Designers, Digital Product Designers, Interaction Designers, Art Directors, Brand Designers, Researchers, or Service Designers, joined us for the first UI/UX Designers Meet Up event in Munich event to share stories, exchange learnings and enjoy being part of the greater UI/UX design community.

The entire day was packed with information in a total of 4 talks  by Itamar Medeiros, Felix Kranert, Hias Wrba and Simone Damm on topics of Leadership & Organisation⁠, Process & Tools⁠, or Design Teams & Communication⁠.

  1. Bringing Business Impact and User Needs together with Jobs to be Done (JTBD)

    What if there was a common “exchange” currency to describe value between designers, business stakeholders and technology people?
    Itamar will made the case that Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) could be it and he shared some lessons he's learned on how to use JTBD to engage the stakeholders and influence business decisions that drive product vision forward!
  2. A winning Formula: How Centration sparks Innovation

    Felix showed how companies can create innovative products and stand out from the competition by understanding the needs and requirements of people. Based on real-life examples and more than ten years of work experience in the automation industry, he illustrated perfectly how everyone can drive Innovation.
  3. Agile UX - a practical guide

    Agile methodologies are still ubiquitous in the world of software development. At the same time, human-centered design and creating enticing user experiences are thought after by more and more organisations. Bringing the two together often times creates friction at first.
    Hias looked at that friction and showed ways to reach a new level of collaboration by addressing the key areas:

    - Integrating the Process
    - (Re-)Mixing Methodologies
    - Clarifying roles and responsibilities
  4. Chances and limitations of ChatGPT as a UX research tool

    By using practical examples and instructions, Simone showed us how to compensate for ChatGPT's weaknesses with clever prompts and complementary tools to achieve high-quality and valid results in AI-powered UX research.

Feel free to reach out to our speakers via LinkedIn to get access to the slides and more information on each topic.

We are planning on hosting the next UI/UX Designers Meet Up in July in Berlin. More information will follow in the near future and we hope to see you there as well!

Until then, enjoy some of the event pictures down below.