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UI/UX Designers Meet Up - Berlin

Cover - UI/UX Designers Meet Up Berlin

More than 60 UI/UX designers, digital product designers, interaction designers, art directors, brand designers, researchers or service designers joined us for the first UI/UX Designers Meet Up in Berlin. It was a memorable event to share stories, exchange experiences and enjoy being part of the larger UI/UX design community.

The whole day was packed with information in a total of 4 talks by Nina JurcicRobin RabeHias Wrba, and Daniel Solbach on the topics of Leadership & Organisation, Process & Tools and Design Teams & Communication.

  1. Design rituals for better collaboration

    Rituals are essential to identity and connection. They fuel a robust design culture, foster collaboration and unlock a team's design potential. Sharing design rituals improves chemistry and alignment, which in turn improves creative outcomes. Nina set out to create successful rituals from scratch, with all the essential ingredients for success.

  2. Open bot surgery: How to revive a dead-end dialogue

    Familiar with voice-only user interfaces? Sometimes Alexa or phone bots misunderstand us despite clear commands. Voice interfaces are powerful but challenging compared to graphical user interfaces (GUIs). In his talk, Robin explored their power and complexity.

  3. UX for well-being

    In this talk, Hias explored the impact of human-centred design on improving lives. He emphasised prioritising people in the design process, delving into meaningful experiences and drawing insights from positive psychology to address users' needs for well-being. Hias also explored the trend of 'design for well-being', questioning its appropriateness and suggesting a broader perspective with multiple viewpoints in design processes.

  4. Learning leadership through teaching

    Daniel suggested an alternative to expensive leadership seminars or employer sponsorship by advocating part-time teaching positions in higher education. Through teaching, individuals can develop vital leadership skills such as empathy, delegation, public speaking, confidence, coaching, self-awareness, conflict resolution, active listening, time management and positivity.

Feel free to contact our speakers via LinkedIn to get access to the slides and more information on each topic.

Enjoy some pictures from the event below.