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Konzepthaus celebrates 7th anniversary

Author: Martin Groschwald

It is my utmost pleasure to take Konzepthaus to the next level with our 7th anniversary, which culminates in our new corporate identity.

After we moved into our new headquarter in Munich as well as opened our office in London in 2021, it was clear to us that through this growth, we are also developing overall as a company quite significantly.

Our Learning and Development services already push the boundaries of training schemes, and our Consulting team was first seen with quite a bit of scepticism but has quickly established itself as the most important development partner for design departments throughout the globe.

I am immensely proud and humbled by this growth as a company and it brings incredible joy to me every single day to see our colleagues flourish and grow every single day.

As a team, we have truly become a Consultancy. Our partners are real partners.

With all this growth as a company, we felt that we needed something new to represent who we have become without losing our history and the path where we came from.

We started in Mid-2022 to think about a new identity, a new form to represent us. The result of this 6-month process is what you can see today.

Our new corporate identity unites our teams within Konzepthaus, represents our connected and interlinked role within the creative industry and shares our positive, bold, and daring culture while having a lot of fun.

Our new slogan and motto “we build creative teams” sums up perfectly what we do, what we do well and what we know.

The first 7 years have been paved with a lot of success. Going into our first decade of Konzepthaus, we will continue to push to become the best, most trustworthy and most reliable consultancy within the design space globally.

All of what Konzepthaus is today would not have been possible without every current and former team members, families and friends of Konzepthaus. I want to thank them all from the bottom of my heart for their work, enthusiasm, effort, humour, fun and everything else you brought to make us all better people.

To our partners we have worked with over the past 7 years: Thank you! We appreciate every single one of you to have believed in us, our vision and accepting who we are and what we do. We promise to keep on pushing and daring with you.

Furthermore, we are ready for the next 7 years, moving into our first decade of existence and making this the best possible company it can be. Onwards and upwards to build creative teams.