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IAA Mobility Designers Night 2023

Author: Isabella Althoff
IAA Mobility Designers Night 2023 - 43

The perfect end to an extraordinary day!

After an inspiring day at the IAA Mobility Design Conference, the IAA Designers Night was the perfect way to round things off. The response was so overwhelming that it almost stretched the limits of our office, with almost 900 attendees, including your friends, colleagues and both familiar and new faces.

The evening unfolded beautifully, with the sun setting over the terrace of our Munich headquarters, offering a picturesque view of the English Garden. We clinked bottles of "Konzepthaus Brause" as we enjoyed this picturesque setting.

As a token of our appreciation to those who graced us with their presence after a long day at the IAA, we invite you to peruse the event photos below. Whether you want to relive those unforgettable moments, share snapshots of your automotive journey on LinkedIn or simply catch a glimpse of the event you were unable to attend, we've got you covered!