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Dynamic Studio

Konzept­haus Dynamic Studio

Ideas aren't one-dimensional or static. So, it makes sense that your design studio isn't either. Our Dynamic Studio is a gamechanger, giving you the utmost freedom and flexibility to supercharge your innovation thinking.

Why partners use our Dynamic Studio

Complete flexibility

  • Design or re-define new car designs with a more localised flavour to your target market.
  • Move with market demand anywhere in the world without sinking costs.
  • Resource up without wasted expenditure in underutilised studios, in markets not required.

Freedom to innovate

  • Break the rut and be inspired to think differently away from your everyday environment.
  • Design in a neutral space, that’s distanced from your existing company network, beliefs and conflicting needs.

Challenge business norms

  • Use your purchasing or programming budget to give you freedom.
  • Contract the Dynamic Studio space only and bring your people, so it’s solely for your use.

What is Konzepthaus Dynamic Studio?

Whether you’re looking to challenge your current innovation process, create distance between your think tanks and HQ or need a pop-up studio in a market you’re researching – our Dynamic Studio enables you to set up the innovation and design studio you need anywhere in the world. Fully flexible, equipped, secured and supported, it’s controlled by you!

Work Situation

What the Dynamic Studio includes

Our pop-up Studio is tailored to your objectives, whether that’s the development of a complete car or local market research. We cost the Studio based on your needs and length of use, to include:

  • Co-ordination of your Dynamic Studio in a location of your choosing.
  • Technology equipment.
  • Accommodation and travel (if required).
  • On-site dedicated support through a Konzepthaus Project Leader.
  • Provided as one offer to submit to Purchasing.
Work Situation

What you avoid, by using our Dynamic Studio

  • State, national or international labour law challenges.
  • Organisational issues with your internal departments.
  • Rents, equipment and security costs associated with your own short-term spaces.
  • Loss of control and reporting by using an entirely external team.

Let's discuss your project

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