MUNICH Represents

Konzepthaus Group was proud to host the 17th annual World Usability Day. A global event on 11th November 2021, held in over 200 locations in 40 countries. The ‘Munich hub’ was well attended by industry insiders and experts on Usability and User experience who took part in leading discussions on ‘Designing Our Online World: Trust, Ethics and Integrity. 

Five key industry experts delivered an insightful program, sharing their thoughts, experience to challenge and entertain our audience for the afternoon program on this important topic (see the detailed program below). Guests took advantage of our outdoor space, overlooking the English Gardens, to network, relax and chat with like-minded attendees. 

We would like to thank all of our guests, the German UPA, and all the sponsors who attended and made this event possible. We hope to see you all back here next year for the 18th World Usability Day! 

17th World Usability Day Program for 11th November 2021: 

Key Note: UX, Ethics and Sustainability – A look into the future of our professional field
Clemens Lutsch (swohlwahr) 

Ethical UX – what is it and why should i care?
Johanna Stuke (vision office) 

Fake it till you build it (wrong ?!) – A Fuck-Up-Story
Thomas Hermenau (DAHAG Legal Services AG) 

Fighting Stereotypes in an AI World – Anecdotes from the development of AI products
Steffen Kastner (Digital Product School Munich by UnternehmerTUM) 

With the bike in the breakout session ?! - Sustainable behavior in the online world
Xaver Bodendörfer (eresult)