What is your role at Konzepthaus? 

Recruitment consulting for design is my primary focus: getting to know our clients and forming new ones, understanding changes taking place in the industry, and, of course, finding people their dream roles. The challenge of thinking differently and searching out new ways of working is paramount to my role and one that excites me. 

How do you deliver on the company’s purpose of ‘accelerating the future of innovation’? 

Innovation is fascinatingIts the lifeblood of progress and can be consistently found across all time, in every corner of humanity. For Konzepthaus, supporting the acceleration of this, via the recruitment framework, allows for talented individuals to have the creative space for their visions to be realisedLike the janitor who played his part putting man on the moon, we play our part in the development of life-changing products.  

Can you name a talent, that not everyone knows about you? 

I’m highly skilled at making mashed potato and quite a decent cellist.  The trick is not to combine the two and forget which implement I have in hand. 

Who has been the biggest influence in your life and why? 

My grandmother. Her stoicism and brilliant mind never failed to inspire or shock. 


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