What is your role at Konzepthaus?

As a recruiter here at Konzepthaus Digital, I try to build a bridge between the wishes of our partners and our jobseekers.  I believe that we have the opportunity to drive innovation in digital design by always finding the best fitting candidates for the position.

Konzepthaus’ vision is of a world where the power of innovation shapes a better future. What does a better future look like to you?

I see a future where technical evolution will simplify people’s lives, through creating usability, which is understandable, intuitive, and which people will integrate into their lives in a natural way.

Who has been the biggest influence in your life and why?

Every person has a journey that you can learn from when you listen carefully.  Every struggle or inconvenience can be an important lesson that you can profit from if you take the time to reflect upon them.

What other exciting things have you done in your life?

Watched the sunrise in Angkor Wat and explored the lively cities of Bangkok and Ho Chi Min which opened my eyes and reshaped my view on life.


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