What is a UX/UI designer's role?

UI/UX designers need to be able to “talk” to consumers and their efforts need to reflect the brand they are working on and it needs to seamlessly work with the interior design efforts. We also live in an ever-connected digital world meaning that the design needs to work with the environment in their pockets and around them.

UI/UX Designer jobs will call for experience in UX research, high levels of collaboration and brilliant writing and prototyping to understand the functionality of all designs. And obviously you’ll need to be a great designer

At Konzepthaus, we are continuously working on UI Designer jobs and UX Designer jobs so reach out if you want to find out about the exciting projects you could be working on.

Of course, if you’re looking to add some brilliant designers to your team and you need to know what great looks like, our network can help you. Drop us a message.