At Konzepthaus, we work across Germany on UI Designer and UX Designer jobs which see those people with experience in design software and wireframing tools being high in demand.

We are fortunate to see portfolios of web and mobile applications as well as wider remits as companies demand a range of skills. Ultimately, the best UI/UX Designers are able to create functional and aesthetically appealing features.

The companies we work with in Germany who are looking for UI/UX Designers who are original, innovative and are brilliant troubleshoots (especially when it comes to responsiveness).

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At Konzepthaus, we are continuously working on UI Designer jobs and UX Designer jobs in Germany so reach out if you want to find out about the exciting projects you could be working on.

Of course, if you’re looking to add some brilliant designers to your team and you need to know what great looks like, out network can help you. Drop us a message.