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Our second KDS report for the year 2022 on the topic of 'New work' is online!

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Our Innovation Blog is our honest and expert online journal of industry trends, insights, tips and advice for those passionate about mobility and digital design. Whether you’re a business interested in what’s happening on a local or global scale, or a designer seeking a breakthrough role, we invite you to subscribe to our Blog today.

Do we still need Advanced Design Studios within the transportation design space?

I know that the headline is quite provocative but hear me out…it’s not as bad as it sounds, and it...

2022 Paris Motor Show: The End of the Affair

The irony is thick. At 5 am, a taxi picks me up for the 5.24 to London, to be conveyed...

What do we expect from design schools and universities?

I was recently invited to join a panel during the Munich Creative Business Week named “(Re)Thinking Design”. The topic, to...

5 great reasons to hire a graduate

It’s that time of year again, when university students are entering the market and Companies are trying to kick-start their...

What Users tell you in interviews vs. what they do

The inspiration for the article was a question from Laura Fiona Holder in a Slack group for UX designers, of...

3 concepts of how to (s)elect your future design leader

With a month that saw some top-level moves in both Ford and Jaguar/Land-Rover, some interesting observations around leadership has resulted (link here). How it is...

My 5 favourite design programs & why

While on your professional career journey to become a designer/modeller and digital artisanal craftsman, you must have tried numerous tools,...

Macht die Location das Studio?

Ein neuer „Digital Hub“ – wieder. Diesmal in Amsterdam. Diesmal IKEA.

Why do so many new car brands emerge and why do so many fail?

In the last decade we’ve witnessed a real boom in new car brands and companies. This article explores what has...

Hiring potential vs experience 

by Martin Groschwald

Wieso wir uns doch wiedersehen sollten.

by Samuel Lottner

Pistons & Pretzels #1

Update: It's official! Pistons&Pretzels goes to Frankfurt. Register now to secure your tickets for the event.

3 ideas on how mobility design might change in the next 10 years

Predicting the future is certainly something that is impossible to do (even if you own a DeLorean). Especially in these...

The Art of Promotion in Car Design

When you have been working in the car design industry for example as a designer or modeller for a few...

Transportation Design becomes Holistic Mobility Design

This article was originally featured in Car Design Review 6 - Text: Martin Groschwald - Photo credits: Byton and Konzepthaus.

#NYIAS 2018 – Eine Elektrostudie die eine ganze Messe überstrahlt

Vergangene Woche hat in New York die diesjährige Auflage der NYIAS gestartet und gefühlt auch bereits ihren Höhepunkt erlebt. Auf...

Genfer Autosalon 2018 – Unser Fazit

Vom 8.- 18. März hat in Genf der 88. internationale Autosalon wieder zum Analysieren, Bestaunen und auch Spekulieren zu aktuellsten...