The KIC approach


  • We are a unique consultancy, with a sole focus on design that allows us to consult through deep understanding and shared language.
  • We understand the chaos of creativity but envelop it in methodology to deliver strategic solutions.
  • Our unique approach engages both sides of the brain to create a fusion between analytical thinking and creativity, for innovative, robust business results.
  • We share our experience, so you benefit from our vast global network and community in creative industries.
  • We’ll learn from you. We’ll take the time to understand your business. Make a neutral assessment, before providing continuous advice and support.

We don’t design the innovative product. We innovate the process you use to design. Want to know more?



Find out where we can help:

Benchmarking and assessment

Benchmarking of performance, organisational structures, processes and costs to identify performance gaps.

Building and reshaping design departments

Organisational, structural and procedural reshaping of entire design departments.

Transforming to an experience driven organisation

Guidance of a holistic transformation to become an experience driven organisation for customer centric business benefits.

C-level consulting

Neutral assessment of design organisations, coaching of C-level on design perceptions and guidance of change management.

Business models, reforms, costs processes

The KIC approach - making you think and act differently

Our unique approach engages both sides of the brain to create a fusion between analytical thinking and creativity for innovative, robust business results.

Creativity impulses fun

View our latest industry Benchmark Report (KDS)

KDS #1 2022 Report - Employment Statistics & Development

The goal of the Konzepthaus Design Study (KDS) is to create the most comprehensive empirical overview on mobility design departments. The results are aimed to support OEMs and suppliers to prepare their departments for the challenges of the next years.

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