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Our approach.

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Design Recruiting


Employing the right people will give your business the advantage it needs to succeed. Whether you are looking for new employees or want to build up a new team: our consultants will guide you throughout the strategy for your business.

Konzepthaus Consulting Independent Contrctor Solutions
Freelance Consulting
Konzepthaus Consultig Freelance Consulting
Creating Teams
Independent Contractor Solutions

For certain tasks in your business, employees, specialised in your respective field of work, are required. However, the majority of those, who have a certain talent, tend to work as independent contractor or a full-on project team.

Strategy & Consulting

As a consultancy, it is not solely our ambition to find the right talent but also to help our clients realise their ideas. We offer our expertise in planning and executing challenging hiring schemes to set up new companies within the specific cultural background.


Field of activity.

Design (Interior and Exterior)

Covering everything from concept design to colour and trim.

3D Surface Development

We provide experts from sketch to final Class A surfaces.

UI/UX/HMI Design

We support you from in-car development to kitchen appliances and app design


2D and 3D artists to help you create photo-realistic images, configurators and motion pictures.

Physical Modelling

Clay and hard modellers as well as CNC experts and 3D scanning specialists.

Studio Engineering

In order to bring your design professionally into engineering, we will find the right Catia and NX engineers for you.

Current opportunities.

Konzepthaus Consulting GmbH is a unique boutique-style design recruitment agency based in Munich. The agency not only supports filling vacancies for a number of OEMs globally, they become an integral part of the team to fully understand requirements based on the existing team, design philosophy, strategy and creative direction of the company's future plans.



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